Grupo Formitex


AGS - Instituto Gusmão dos Santos

Non-profit entity maintained by Formitex Group´s companies with commitment and social responsability to promote oportunities to children in vulnerability situation and educate them about the importance of environment

The organization participates in the following projects:

• SOS Nordeste: Helping to transform the lives of 120 families in the community of Venturosa in the State of Pernambuco.

• Enxergando o futuro: A partnership with the Abrinq Foundation and the city of Suzano to provide educational, social and professional support of 260 children and 200 mothers.

• Caminhando para o Futuro: Children between 15 and 16 years old are prepared for insertion into the labor market as an apprentice.

• Criando com famílias: integration and capacity of the family, valuing the bonds in the construction of triad – project – children – family.

• Associação Educacional e Beneficente Vale da Benção: Ensuring the rights of children, young and families in a situation of social vulnerability, enabling them to exercise their citizenship, based on a reference Christian, seeking the integral transformation.