Grupo Formitex


Formitex Group has in its DNA a vocation for growth. Our strategy has been to permanently reinvest the profits in expansion projects, through organic growth, acquisitions or strategic alliances.

We have the firm commitment to keep this entrepreneurial vision, which aims to generate wealth, create Jobs for a growing number of professionals and to guarantee the business perpetuation. Along this story of sucess, we accumulated valuable experience that made us confident to search for other opportunities in the áreas we already operate, as well as to participate in new endeavors.

One of our main competitive advantages is the close partnership with our clients. This us reflected in the permanent search for quality, continuous investments in technology, in the effort to offer agility and flexibility, and in relationship based on ethics. Our mission in not only to make high quality products and provide service where excellence is standard.

It is to identify and whenever possible, be ahead of the market´s needs with innovative and practical solutions.

Since the beginning of our operations, we consider our people as the most valuable asset of the Formitex Group. Our management style promotes personal and Professional growth and aims to create a work environment that can develop satisfied and happy employees.

We believe that the Company´s role goes beyond the pursuit of good financial and economic results. Facing the challenges of teh world today, companies should assume part of the responsability for both the communities and environment they work within.

That is what we are doing with a set of sócio-environmental programs. We utilize the Best sustainability practices in the industry and work for the progress of the country and a better society for future generations.

Alípio Gusmão dos Santos