Grupo Formitex

About the Group


With a 40 years history of achievements, the Formitex Group consolidates its tradition in four basic areas: Chemicals, Laminates and Adhesives, Logistics and Papers. One of the group's main features is its wide expertise, with annual revenues exceeding R$ 1.7 billion, 2.300 employees and represented in national and international markets. Besides that, it's a social and environmental highly committed organization and a major supporter of AGS (Instituto Gusmão dos Santos).

With a broad view, the Formitex Group understands that its role goes beyond offering the best results to industry; it's also being a social, economic and environmental development agent to Brazil.



MD Papéis

MD PAPÉIS is the largest manufacturer of special papers in the Latin America.

Two manufacturing plants with a combined production capacity of 120,000 tons annually.

The special papers made by MD Papeis are present in the following markets:
• Furniture Industry
• Construction
• Flexible Packaging
• Automotive
• Adhesive Tapes for Industrial Use
• Cosmetics
• Consumer Electronics
• Food Industry
• Graphics
• Hygiene and Cleaning
• Medical & Hospital
• Pharmaceuticals
• Self - Adhesive Labels and Stickers

Location: Caieiras - SP and Limeira - SP
Certifications: CETEA, FSC, ISEGA, SGS, BIOAGRI, ROHS, EPA, ISO 9000:2000



With operations in Brazil and Argentina, is the market leader in high-pressure decorative laminates in Latin America with the following brands: Formica, Descor and Formiline. It is present in five continents, exporting to over 30 countries.

Formiline is the first company of high pressure laminate in Latin America, certified by the FSC.

Market Segments:
• Furniture Industry
• Construction
• Do it yourself

Location: Suzano-SP, Paulista-PE and Buenos Aires
Certifications: ISO 9001:2000

Bandeirante Brazmo

Bandeirante Brazmo

One of the main companies in Brazil on chemicals distribution, serving over 20 industries. Its major competitive advantages are:

• Customer support through its 8 commercial offices and facilities;
• Efficient logistics system support all over the country;
• An over 500 product portfolio;
• Development, application and quality control lab;
• Storage capacity up to 20,000 square meters for packaged products and up to 90,000 cubic meters in liquid bulk.

Location: Mauá-SP
Subsidiaries: Anápolis-GO, Belo Horizonte-MG, Cravinhos-SP, João Pessoa-PB, Joinville-SC, Novo Hamburgo-RS, Rio de Janeiro-RJ, Simões Filho-BA
Certifications: ISO 9001:2000 and Prodir

Denver Especialidades - Resinas

Denver Resinas

Manufacturer of Vinyl and Acrylic emulsions, rheology modifiers and Acrylic and Urethanic thickeners.

Exports to MERCOSUR.

Main actuation segments:
• Water based inks
• Demarcation paints
• Adhesives
• Building Industry
• Leather
• Detergents
• Paper
• Textile

Location: Suzano-SP
Certificações: ISO 9001:2000

Denver Especialidades - CMC

Denver CMC

The only Brazilian carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) manufacturer.
Company operates 3 brands: Denvercel (highly purified CMC), Induskol (purified CMC) and Induscel (technical CMC) .

Exports to Latin America.
Serves the following industries:

• Paints
• Cosmetics
• Personal hygiene
• Food
• Mining
• Cleaning products
• Ceramics
• Paper
• Building
• Oil drilling
• Textile

Location: Cotia-SP
Certifications: ISO 9001:2000

Denver Impermeabilizantes

Denver Impermeabilizantes

The company is Pioneer in the manufacture of high performance waterproof asphalt membranes, with over 200 products in its line, become the preferred supplier of the most important construction work of the country.

Your line products includes:
• Blankets Asphalt and Waterproofing
• Products for repair and restoration of concrete
• Grautes and Anchors
• Paints and coatings
• Sealants and mastics
• Additives for concrete and mortars
• Curing agents and mold releases

With nearly 30 years of experience, Denver concentrates its investments in advanced research and development laboratories, the most modern production equipment and qualified professionals as your main raw material.

Location: Suzano-SP
Filial: Feira de Santana-BA
Certifications: ISSO 9001:200 and associated with GBC Brasil – Green Building Counsil

Denver Gel


Experienced manufacturer of chewing gum resins, plasticizer, additive polymers to gum base formulation.

• Solid Polyvinyl Acetate (NEUGUM)
• Glycerin Triacetate (TRIACETINA)
• Polymeric Plasticizers (FLEXAR)
• Polyvinyl Acetate in Solution (NEUVIC)

Markets: Aromas, Tobaccos, Chewing gum resins, Adhesives, Smelting and Automotive.
Location: Itapevi-SP
Certifications: ISO 9001:2008 – complies the highest international standards for consumer's use



Terminal for bulk liquid chemicals storage.

• Total area: 27,500 square meters
• Total capacity: 120,000 cubic meters – 76 tanks

Location: Barnabé Island, Santos Harbor-SP
Certifications: ISO 9000, ISO 14000, ISPS – International code for ships and harbor facilities protection



Operation and management of the largest and most modern touristic port terminal in South America.

• Total area: 34,500 square meters
• Capacity: 42,000 turists per day. 9 big ships supported simultaneously
• Broad and comfortable waiting, boarding and alighting spaces, besides an exclusive space for luggage

Location: Santos Harbor-SP
Certifications: ISPS – International code for ships and harbor facilities protection

Pier Mauá

Pier Mauá

One of the most important and strategic touristic enterprises of Rio de Janeiro.

• Total area: 100,000 square meters

Operates two basic activities:
• ESMAPA – Maritime Passengers Station – Area 10,000 square meters
• International Convention Center – Area 40,000 square meters

Location: Rio de Janeiro Harbor-RJ
Certification: Conportos – National Harbors, Terminals and Waterways public security commission, ISPS – International code for ships and harbor facilities protection